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The Apostille is a kind of attestation in which certificates are legalized in an appropriate form that is admissible in all countries that relate to the Hague Convention. Basically, Apostille is a global attestation that is admissible in 104 countries and most of the western world acknowledges Apostille. Apostille stamp is a computer generated sticker stamp in a square shaped, fixed on the opposite of the certificate. It has a different ID number, by which any associate nation of The Hague convention can verify its legitimacy online. IVS Global attestation is well known for apostille services.

Which documents need Apostille?

An Apostille is required for educational certificates such as degree certificate attestation, diploma certificate, school certificate (high school certificate, higher secondary certificate, transfer certificate (TC) and also for personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, power of attorney, affidavits and many more.

What is the advantage of Apostille?

The document which is apostilled in one member country is acceptable in all the other member countries which are 104 countries as of the year 2018. The signatory to the referred Hague convention of October 5, 1961, has significantly simplified the apostille/attestation procedure by making it such needless to get the documents attested in each or for each of the countries separately.

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