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Canada Certificate Attestation

Documents issued in Canada has to be legalized to use in UAE. The Apostille is not possible for Canada documents since Canada is not the member of Hague convention on October 5, 1961. It needs to be attested by UAE embassy in Canada. IVS Global attestation services have all the experience to complete the process of Canada Certificate Attestation and document legalization in a hassle-free manner for you.

The process of attesting Canadian college and university-issued degrees such as Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. requires one additional document in order to complete the attestation process as compared to other Canadian documents and certificate attestation process. Below are the details of the same for your information


Canadian University Degree Certificates Attestation:

  • Canadian Bachelor's Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian Master's Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian P.HD Certificate Attestation for UAE.

Some of the certificates of universities and studies such as IATA (International Air Transport Association) need to be attested only through Canada because this is registered and headquartered in Canada. This will be applicable even if the course took place outside Canada.

To attest above mentioned university degree certificates, candidate/applicant should apply for a fresh transcript which should be authenticated by the issuing college or university and it should be directly sent in a sealed and signed envelope to UAE embassy in Ottawa, Canada or UAE consulate in Toronto, which will be nearest to the university/candidate. As per the procedure, UAE Embassy will not attest the degrees without completing verification of the freshly issued transcript.


Procedure for Canadian Degree Certificate Attestation:

  • Canadian Board Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian Diploma Certificates Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian Provisional Marks Sheet Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian Death Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian Police Clearance Attestation for UAE.

Canadian Corporate Documents Attestation:

  • Canadian Power of Attorney Attestation for UAE
  • Canadian Company Document Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian Commercial Invoices Attestation for UAE.
  • Canadian Agency Agreements Attestation for UAE..

Process details for Canadian Documents Attestation:


The Notary public will see through and witness the certificate, if the certificate is genuine they will affix a signed notary seal.


When it is confirmed that the certificate is authentic. The certificate will be forwarded to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to attach the authentication of the certificate to the document.


As per the legalization process, Embassy of UAE in Ottawa, Canada will verify the seal and the affixed signature of Notary Public and DFAT. After which the certificate of legalization will be attached by the Embassy of UAE in Ottawa, Canada on the first page.


Finally, after the Authentication from DFAT and UAE Embassy, the certificate will then be processed in UAE and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

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